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There Are No Replays In Life, So Let's Make Yours EPIC, Beautiful!

Hey, Sweet Soul

So DIVINE you’re here!

I honor you, Powerhouse… your essence, your journey, your sacredness, and your courageous heart.

You’re absolutely essential to the flow of the planet; especially now…

Our world has changed, and so have you.

I know you’re tired of business as usual, and are craving something SO much RICHER, DEEPER, and more meaningful in your business and life…

You’re in the right place, Royal Soul!

I’m Tonia Lewis, International Biz, Success Mentor, Celebrity Stylist, and Global Speaker, aka your personal freedom fighter; born to help you live your greatest legacy, NOW!

I’m all about helping heart-centered influencers, entrepreneurs, & visionaries like you get the know-how you need to create RICH, life-giving businesses, unleash your inner money maker, up-level your star power, and tend to the woman behind the business.

Chances are, like most queens, you’ve been forged in the fire, been to hell and back, won and lost, succeeded and conceded, and have a ‘beauty from ashes’ comeback story that you can’t even believe you made it through; so mediocrity and settling just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You’re Ready….ready to unleash the powerhouse you really are, become the TOTAL woman, and have it ALL!

You’ve waited and waited, championed everyone else… Settled for far less than what your heart desires for yourself and your family; even though you’ve hustled hard, sacrificed a ton, and tried so much!

Let’s change that for you for good, Beloved!

It’s time to step into the NEXT level of your Divine purpose; unleash your inner money maker, and that star inside of you, and live the rich life of legacy you were born for!

I got you, Rich Soul!

Give yourself the well-deserved edge to elevate your lifestyle, influence, and financial fortune the feminine way: with some high touch, high-level support, ushering you forward and upward, Beloved!

It's Your Turn To Quantum Leap Your Dreams And Goals!

‘I’m bringing all my 30 years of entrepreneurial savvy and expertise, working with celebs and heavy hitters, and an array of rock star, change makin’ biz queens throughout the world, complete with a goldmine of resources I’ve crafted, that have been time tested to get proven results over the decades, here to YOU!

Feminine success principles, birthright wealth, Divine purpose, sacred sales, meaningful marketing, captivating confidence…a star level image, being The TOTAL Woman…being absolutely unforgettable, unstoppable, and LIVING a LEGACY life you love…it’s here for you in one of my signature coaching packages!

No more hoping and wishing; we’re all about HAVING!
What My Beautiful Clients Are Saying About Working Together…
Lorina Noble

Yesterday was a 5 figure day for me!

I am grateful for this alignment with ease! I wake up with new energy to create! I started to see results my very first week!

I am only 1 month in and already I am walking with new confidence, and- enjoying self-care. Over the past month, I am feeling more confident and clear. I also feel more feminine and beautiful. My goal is to hit millionaire status this year. I am being more intentional with my self-care. I feel more like I’m in the flow, and less like I’m forcing the success. I am moving more with grace and I’m so much more aware of checking my feelings.

It’s amazing! Lol! I didn’t realize how easy it was to flip the switch. I immediately canceled old agreements and created new ones that I could feel good about. Right away I realized that the situations in my life that were giving me so much anxiety and pain quickly started to disappear.

I knew I had issues with consistency and time management. I was also struggling with handling toxic relationships in my life. I was continuously allowing them to affect my money. It was like the answer to my prayers. I realized right away that there was a lot of codependency in my life. I realized I had been operating as a martyr for a very long time. I had gotten used to doing things that did not feel good at all. Challenges were causing my business to be up and down, constantly like a yoyo. I was also feeling drained and unfulfilled. I had gotten used to walking around frumpy. I had gotten used to doing more for everyone around me than I was doing for myself. I had totally gotten used to neglecting my own self-care. I would find myself feeling sad and depressed and constantly worrying. These issues without a doubt were costing me BIG! This may sound a little cocky but these problems were costing me millions! I knew in my heart I should have been a millionaire years ago. Because I had gotten so used to operating with a Martyrs energy, I had gotten used to making excuses about why I wasn’t making more money. I had gotten used to watching my peers win while I sat around making excuses about why I hadn’t yet. This lead me to resent some of the very people I loved. It also caused me to constantly have self-defeating thoughts about myself. I had secretly been buying into crazy stories in my head. I began to think I wasn’t enough.

After having a conversation with you, I could feel your energy. It was so genuine and loving. Your words felt like a warm blanket protecting me from the cold life I had been living so long. It simply felt so right. I could also literally see the growth in your personal life. It was obvious that you have been doing something extremely right since the 90’s when I first met you. I needed some of that secret sauce!

My favorite part about working with you is knowing I can expect honesty. (Not a Yes man/woman) I love that you are sincere in helping me get results. You listened so attentively and were able to laser target the exact things that were holding me back right away. It was helpful for me to answer specific questions which enabled me to take a good long look at the energy I had been operating in that had created the life I was so unhappy with.

After swallowing that pill, It made it so much easier to love on me more and step into my true Queendom that I am so deserving of. It has made my life so much more enjoyable and just so Yummy!

The people who were a huge pain in my side became more enjoyable, and it was clear that they were respecting me as well as my new agreements with open arms. It was like Magic! It’s sooooo true! When you change, everything around you begins to change.

Lorina Noble
Digital/Affiliate Marketer, Charlotte NC

Wondering which level of support is right for your


Let’s POWER CHAT, Beauty!

Schedule your complimentary ‘Rich Life, Rich You!’ Success Session, where you and I will come voice to voice with your vision and needs, and develop a customized freedom plan that feels absolutely dreamy for you!

I’m super excited to hear all about your heart’s desires, and explore your gorgeous possibilities for the life + biz you REALLY want, Powerhouse!

All my love until…Tonia xx

Client Love

Kyra Letzo

I’ve built a business from the ground up.

Our first conversation on the phone, I knew Tonia was ‘my kind of person’ and I trusted her immediately. She had the structure in her program I needed to move beyond the wall in front of me, and I knew she wouldn’t let me fall.I doubted if coaching was the right path for me and if I could really ‘do it.’

Tonia helped to guide me through the beginning of my branding process and get clear on what it is I do for my clients. Most importantly, she helped me to find pieces of myself that I had buried and so desperately wished to find again.

Tonia worked with me, and always, we were a team.

I’ve healed long overdue wounds with the people who created them. I’ve removed those who were not good for my well-being from my life and that had created more room for self-love. I learned a business model and incorporated many parts of this into my customer experience for my clients.

Making the choice to work with Tonia was one of the best decisions of my personal and professional career.

She was able to help guide me through all of these paths that were intersecting at the same moment and help me see how this was a part of my journey.

I needed to address my inner work so that I could be a better me and coach.

We were able to work on childhood experiences and how they were still impacting my life in some moments.

We also really honed in on what my deepest desires were for my future, my family, and my business. We had many tough love conversations that were surrounded by support and guidance.

I could feel her genuine care for my future and your want to help me process where I was at in my life. Her love and generosity made me feel safe to open up and trust that she held my best interests. She could also already see the “me” on the other side, and she reminded me of how strong I truly am.

She helped me see how childhood experiences were playing out in my adult life, and affecting my personal and business growth. I was not aware of the small moments in my past that were still showing up, specifically my need for perfection.

My perfectionist side caused me to stop coaching and helping those around me because I was so concerned with having the right words and doubting my talents as a coach if everything was not set up perfectly from the jump. I lost out on time, money, and a lot of sleep, but mostly my confidence.

I am a very selective person when it comes to who I have in my inner circle and when Tonia and I started talking it was like we had known each other for years. I was able to open up without hesitation. She was very intuitive and aware of what I was experiencing. The most helpful part was the trust. I trusted the process, even when I wanted to control it or make it perfect.

Once I committed to finishing the workbooks and going all-in on myself, the pressure and stress were released. I was able to make multiple strides towards my future and goals for my coaching business. I had my first paid client, who is also a returning client now.

This first client gave me the confidence to know that my services and medicine are needed in this world. Tonia helped walk me through the process of making the ask and how to make an offer.

Over the last year I have grown in my strength and confidence to help those around me by continuing to be my most authentic, powerful, soulful, and loving self. I am no longer concerned about something being perfect since I know it is coming from my heart and it will always be in alignment. I am grounded in my personal life and have found some of the ‘old me’ I was searching for. I am now much lighter in the world and I am happy and loving to my fullest once again.

Kyra Letzo
Houston, TX, USA, Empowerment and Possibilities Coach
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