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Success Stories

Lorina Noble

Yesterday was a 5 figure day for me!

I am grateful for this alignment with ease! I wake up with new energy to create! I started to see results my very first week!

I am only 1 month in and already I am walking with new confidence, and- enjoying self-care. Over the past month, I am feeling more confident and clear. I also feel more feminine and beautiful. My goal is to hit millionaire status this year. I am being more intentional with my self-care. I feel more like I’m in the flow, and less like I’m forcing the success. I am moving more with grace and I’m so much more aware of checking my feelings.

It’s amazing! Lol! I didn’t realize how easy it was to flip the switch. I immediately canceled old agreements and created new ones that I could feel good about. Right away I realized that the situations in my life that were giving me so much anxiety and pain quickly started to disappear.

I knew I had issues with consistency and time management. I was also struggling with handling toxic relationships in my life. I was continuously allowing them to affect my money. It was like the answer to my prayers. I realized right away that there was a lot of codependency in my life. I realized I had been operating as a martyr for a very long time. I had gotten used to doing things that did not feel good at all. Challenges were causing my business to be up and down, constantly like a yoyo. I was also feeling drained and unfulfilled. I had gotten used to walking around frumpy. I had gotten used to doing more for everyone around me than I was doing for myself. I had totally gotten used to neglecting my own self-care. I would find myself feeling sad and depressed and constantly worrying. These issues without a doubt were costing me BIG! This may sound a little cocky but these problems were costing me millions! I knew in my heart I should have been a millionaire years ago. Because I had gotten so used to operating with a Martyrs energy, I had gotten used to making excuses about why I wasn’t making more money. I had gotten used to watching my peers win while I sat around making excuses about why I hadn’t yet. This lead me to resent some of the very people I loved. It also caused me to constantly have self-defeating thoughts about myself. I had secretly been buying into crazy stories in my head. I began to think I wasn’t enough.

After having a conversation with you, I could feel your energy. It was so genuine and loving. Your words felt like a warm blanket protecting me from the cold life I had been living so long. It simply felt so right. I could also literally see the growth in your personal life. It was obvious that you have been doing something extremely right since the 90’s when I first met you. I needed some of that secret sauce!

My favorite part about working with you is knowing I can expect honesty. (Not a Yes man/woman) I love that you are sincere in helping me get results. You listened so attentively and were able to laser target the exact things that were holding me back right away. It was helpful for me to answer specific questions which enabled me to take a good long look at the energy I had been operating in that had created the life I was so unhappy with.

After swallowing that pill, It made it so much easier to love on me more and step into my true Queendom that I am so deserving of. It has made my life so much more enjoyable and just so Yummy!

The people who were a huge pain in my side became more enjoyable, and it was clear that they were respecting me as well as my new agreements with open arms. It was like Magic! It’s sooooo true! When you change, everything around you begins to change.

Lorina Noble
Digital/Affiliate Marketer, Charlotte NC
Ilaria Franchi

I re-built my confidence and boosted my vital energy, and I have now stepped into taking the first steps to set up my business.

I started many new projects and was never able to complete them; I was not embodying my talents and skills fully and make them available to myself, my life and other people; I was scared of risking new projects and scared to raise my voice in unfamiliar settings; I was even doubting to be able to set up and run a business of my own; I was settling for less in my personal love relationship and in professional life

I stepped into more power and clarity and confidence to take the next steps and build up my strength and resilience.

I went up and down in the rollercoaster of life, after coaching with Tonia, I ended my 9-year-long relationship, being a guest in my own home, and at last, had the strength and clarity to finally put myself and my life first.

The way Tonia is during our sessions and has been has always made me feel at home.I so much value and honor her capacity for being a beautiful human being, and a very savvy entrepreneur at the same time.

Ilaria Franchi
Creator of Viva la Vita Verona, Italy
Kyra Letzo

I’ve built a business from the ground up.

Our first conversation on the phone, I knew Tonia was ‘my kind of person’ and I trusted her immediately. She had the structure in her program I needed to move beyond the wall in front of me, and I knew she wouldn’t let me fall.I doubted if coaching was the right path for me and if I could really ‘do it.’

Tonia helped to guide me through the beginning of my branding process and get clear on what it is I do for my clients. Most importantly, she helped me to find pieces of myself that I had buried and so desperately wished to find again.

Tonia worked with me, and always, we were a team.

I’ve healed long overdue wounds with the people who created them. I’ve removed those who were not good for my well-being from my life and that had created more room for self-love. I learned a business model and incorporated many parts of this into my customer experience for my clients.

Making the choice to work with Tonia was one of the best decisions of my personal and professional career.

She was able to help guide me through all of these paths that were intersecting at the same moment and help me see how this was a part of my journey.

I needed to address my inner work so that I could be a better me and coach.

We were able to work on childhood experiences and how they were still impacting my life in some moments.

We also really honed in on what my deepest desires were for my future, my family, and my business. We had many tough love conversations that were surrounded by support and guidance.

I could feel her genuine care for my future and your want to help me process where I was at in my life. Her love and generosity made me feel safe to open up and trust that she held my best interests. She could also already see the “me” on the other side, and she reminded me of how strong I truly am.

She helped me see how childhood experiences were playing out in my adult life, and affecting my personal and business growth. I was not aware of the small moments in my past that were still showing up, specifically my need for perfection.

My perfectionist side caused me to stop coaching and helping those around me because I was so concerned with having the right words and doubting my talents as a coach if everything was not set up perfectly from the jump. I lost out on time, money, and a lot of sleep, but mostly my confidence.

I am a very selective person when it comes to who I have in my inner circle and when Tonia and I started talking it was like we had known each other for years. I was able to open up without hesitation. She was very intuitive and aware of what I was experiencing. The most helpful part was the trust. I trusted the process, even when I wanted to control it or make it perfect.

Once I committed to finishing the workbooks and going all-in on myself, the pressure and stress were released. I was able to make multiple strides towards my future and goals for my coaching business. I had my first paid client, who is also a returning client now.

This first client gave me the confidence to know that my services and medicine are needed in this world. Tonia helped walk me through the process of making the ask and how to make an offer.

Over the last year I have grown in my strength and confidence to help those around me by continuing to be my most authentic, powerful, soulful, and loving self. I am no longer concerned about something being perfect since I know it is coming from my heart and it will always be in alignment. I am grounded in my personal life and have found some of the ‘old me’ I was searching for. I am now much lighter in the world and I am happy and loving to my fullest once again.

Kyra Letzo
Houston, TX, USA, Empowerment and Possibilities Coach
Joslyn E. Blackburn

While I was in UYIMM, I had my first five-figure month in my business. I was able to learn how to attract and manifest what I want to happen due to my coaching with Tonia.

Tonia is not only skilled as a coach, she’s a caring coach. Her approach to helping her clients uncover their relationship with money by imploring us to dig into our past, our relationships, our life stories, our birth stories and so much more, allows us to create a new mindset regarding money and how we make decisions regarding money.

Her program, “Unleash Your Inner Money Maker” helped me determine where the gaps were regarding my ability to attract the money that I was created to attain, apprehend and receive. The fact that we as women have a way that we can attract money; with our femininity through love and trust, casting fear aside because we are aware of who we are and whose we are is what we come to understand and learn to walk in.

Tonia is not only a skilled teacher and coach, but she’s a giver. She was constantly giving more of herself, her time and items of value that would ultimately benefit and enhance what we were learning. When you leave her sessions, you will be uplifted, equipped and loved on by one of the best coaches of our day.

I chose to work with Tonia because I needed support with finding the gaps in my wealth mindset and determining if I had limiting beliefs. I’m so glad I did because I was able to get much more than I anticipated. The guide books, the talks, the recommended readings, the sisterhood, the love, the sharing and authenticity is what draws you in and brings significant and permanent changes in your life.

I highly recommend Tonia Lewis as a Life Coach for all of the reasons stated above, but also because she’s my friend and I know your heart as well as your business will be in excellent hands with her.

Joslyn E. Blackburn
MBA, Realtor/Broker, Charlotte NC
Lisa Storm

Today, my business is much more successful, and I embrace earning a good income, and I know I deserve it.

I never would have said that before working with Tonia. Ranking up in my Essential Oils company, and today, earning much more. I have much more confidence, than I had ever had prior to working with her.

After speaking to you in a free call that you did for me, I felt like we were soul sisters. My challenge with feeling worthy of earning an income with my business. I would never have been a successful leader, with my money block. I also learned to stand up to those, who say, network marketing is only for money. I wasn't able to grow at all, as I felt guilty moving up, and so it extended into actual growth. I realized that I had been spinning my wheels for too long, and needed a second opinion. I got exactly what I needed and more, with Tonia.

Tonia was so friendly, kind, and never put me down, for anything that I said; but, she was also strong, and never let me back down, or dig myself back into a hole. She held me accountable.

Tonia held a Mastermind near Miami FL, which was incredible. It was our first time meeting, and she was the same person that I knew from phone calls.

The ladies who were there, most of whom were clients who were working with her, were all just as beautiful inside and out, and genuine, as she was.

I never had attended a first-time event of anything, where I felt so comfortable and at home.

She practices kindness, elegance, and teaches those with who she works, to do the same.

I began slowly, as my money mindset was very deep. But, as I began to contemplate what she was telling me, it made sense.

I couldn’t even visualize this rank prior to Tonia, let alone accomplish it. I am also able now, to work with others on my team, who struggle with the same mindset that I did. I learned to be confident in myself and my voice. When someone is degrading me, I now know how to work with them in a better place and space, vs. being frustrated. I have learned the gift of listening, which Tonia portrayed so well, at our Mastermind. Tonia is a coach that is there for you. She really listens and cares for you. She will reach out for no reason, and say, how are you doing? How was your Christmas? I like that. I never felt like just a number with her.

Lisa Storm
LMT, CST, Young Living Oil Leader, Air BnB host. Chassell, MI
Ewonna Locklear

I absolutely love working with you. You create such a safe space to speak my truth so that I can really get and receive the healing that my life a business is calling for.

What inspired me to hire Tonia was knowing her story and life of being a mother of 6, and having multiple successful businesses.

When I began to work with Tonia my struggle was learning how to balance my life as a wife, mother of 4, with a blended family, and have clarity about my vision, and build and grow my business at the same time.

What was most helpful was Tonia’s ability to help me gain clarity on my business, events. and give me tools and know-how to improve habits that weren’t serving me or my business

My most immediate result was having complete clarity on my 1st paid event.

My biggest result was having more confidence to step into my power manifesting my heart’s desire in life and business.

Long-term results are belief in myself and seeing the fruits of labor manifest.

Coaching with Tonia also helped me have better relationships, and is still helping me gain clarity on my Divine ideal clients.

Ewonna Locklear
CEO + Founder of Extraordinary Living - Health, Beauty and Business Health and Lifestyle Coach Owner of Flawless-Glamour LLC
Katasha L. Charlotte

Thank you so much for creating “Unleash Your Inner Money Maker” Mastermind!

My first paid client, and finally completing the lay of my signature program, “New Year, New Career” were two MAJOR results!

God delivered the opportunity to join your program and I just said “Yes”. I feel like there was a breakthrough of just centering myself and listening to the voice that I already have within me. I really paid more attention to clearing the noise and just doing what I felt was right, from within.

I take more time for myself and I focus on my overall health. I have learned so much, and am so much more empowered to be the Queen Boss, than I have always been on the inside.

Building email lists, deciding on pricing, feeling confident with starting my new business. I admired your tenacity and your genuine honestly in everything that you did. You also have so much coaching experience and I wanted to learn from your experience. I really needed to tap into my money mindset and wealth consciousness. Those idea constructs were not a major part of my thought process prior to your coaching. I found that I questioned myself for such long periods and would sometimes let my questioning keep me from moving forward. These problems cost me fulfillment, aligned focus on my purpose, and time/money. It honestly just came to me. I knew that I wanted to learn more and then God delivered the opportunity to join your program and I just said “Yes”.

I’ve taken on additional business ventures and also interact with family, friends, and clients with even more attention and patience than I already have. You are such a beautiful spirit who is also a truth-teller. Your authenticity with your life experiences made it so much more comfortable to share me with you and the group. I’ve learned so much about coaching/ advising from you.

Your kindness and huge heart helped to encourage so many breakthroughs.

Katasha L. Charlotte
NC, OwnerKRL Consultants & Associates, LLC.
Setarra Robinson

Since working with Tonia I have been much calmer and in touch with my feminine energy - more grounded, more patient, more grateful, more creative.

I stepped into my feminine power, which gave me the confidence to raise my rates, restructure my business, and do it all with ease. Within the first month, I was seeing results.

The first results I experienced were felt internally. I was more at peace and more in control of life.

Before starting my coaching with Tonia, I was struggling to manage my time effectively, which was impacting my business. I also was looking to breathe new life into my business so I could show up as my authentic self, and make soulful connections with my clients.

I am an energy person, and Tonia exudes magnetic energy.

The way she held space for me in my consultation, listened intently, and made me feel seen; I knew she was the coach for me. I became aware of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and impacting all areas of my life.

I became aware of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and impacting all areas of my life.

I had this belief that being busy (task list every day a mile long) was the way to get things done in life and business which were causing health issues lack of sleep, anxiety, and cost me peace of mind.

Tonia took me through a time management exercise that showed me how many things in my life were worth delegating so that I could focus on higher-value tasks to move my business forward, and to have better self-care, so I could show up better for others.

I realized that I didn’t want to have another year with the same results – a very tired me who spent most hours juggling life and was too exhausted to enjoy any of the rewards.

I became aware of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and impacting all areas of my life.

I love how Tonia always showed up with the best energy, 100% dedicated to me during our time. I always left a session with resources and knowledge gems that will last a lifetime.

Working with Tonia is like working with a good girlfriend; the friend that always keeps it 100 with you, but is also there to support you and cheer you on to greatness.

If you’re thinking about investing with Tonia to be your coach, know that can be a life-changing experience if you do the work. Tonia will give you the tools, resources, and confidence to change your life, and hold you accountable for doing so.

Setarra Robinson
Founder - The Green Lush, Charlotte, NC
Nomita Mehta

Nomita made her investment of $14k for coaching with me back in only 2 clients, charging 4 times what she was making before working with me....

I was all masculine. I thought success means hard work, rules, will power and cut down on fun and focus on work. It burnt me out.

I was struggling in my career, relationship with my husband, kids, friends and health.

I tried to change careers from being a dentist to a coach, and after spending a fortune and 4 years, I did not have much to show in terms of income.

I had steadily put on 30 pounds above my healthy weight over the last 15 years. And the worst was I did not have a grip on it and thought I could never go back to my ideal.

I had enrolled in other masculine programs that made me focus on checklists, deadlines, and more doing. Nothing seemed to work. I was exhausted and feeling even more dejected. Tonia’s approach seemed completely counter-intuitive, but something told me it was for me. immediate results were in my own health, my joy, my bonding with my kids, and next was the marriage.

Now I am connecting to my tribe from the heart. I hosted 4 workshops in the last 2 months, all spontaneously operating from my heart, impacting over 100 people. It was a game-changer for me and my confidence grew. My connectivity grew and now I am taking action from the heart first, and not the other way round.

Nomita Mehta
Creator of My Savvy World & Dental CEO Yakima, WA
Gina R Farrar

Gina went on to be featured in Woman's Day after unleashing her star power and courageously starting her podcast, as well as hosting her very first women's empowerment retreat...

The results that I have experienced as a coach were immediate, learning from her as a client, has helped me be a better coach. I feel calmer, happier..

The clarity that she has helped me gain around my packages and pricing has allowed me to create a plan that feels executable and aligned. I have created a group coaching program that is ready to be launched at a price I am excited about and with a clear vision- I can SEE it and BELIEVE in it- that is worth the investment right there!

The results that I have experienced as a coach were immediate, learning from her as a client, has helped me be a better coach.

Gina R Farrar
Creator of Feminine Roadmap podcast, Speaker & Reinvention Coach Chino, California
Katris Wright

Katris attracted her first high-end clients, more than doubled her prices and has been bubbling as a local influencer with her own radio show...

I became more aware of my value and I was able to charge more, then DOUBLE, and draw in new clients.

I had money coming in, but my relationship with money affected how it circulated in my life. I was working so hard but I never invested my money into my desire to up-level. I stayed in a negative cycle for years until my heart opened up to receive a new and fresh download from coach Tonia.

I had the wrong perspective on money and most importantly she helped me to lean into the Divine flow of my life.

I have always received a quick turnaround on my investment with Tonia Lewis. I can recall a few sessions that I immediately followed through the process, leaned into the lesson, and shifted right away. The way I cared for myself inwardly and outwardly matched, and therefore, I attracted so much goodness.

Being coached by Tonia is the most rewarding feeling in the world. She majors on partnering with her clients to discover the unlimited possibilities of their future by following the Divine flow, and connecting to the feminine way and the most loving path of living. I hold onto the love that creates positive energy that allows open opportunities for me as a wife, mother, sister, and businesswoman. I celebrate myself more because of Tonia’s coaching/instructions which in return allows me to be motivated to continually move forward.

Katris Wright
Author & Owner of The Toddler Teller Charlotte, NC
Janice Bishop

Tonia Lewis is the real deal.

She is intuitive and speaks from her heart and from her vast experiences in real life that we can all relate to. She is professional in how she runs her coaching business, and she is an incredible listener. She listens and reflects back what she heard from me with expert accuracy and instantaneously! She is loving and warm, and at the same time holds a high standard, and is always ready to call me out on my own inconsistencies that are tripping me up.

I was struggling with scheduling issues and blockages that prevented me from moving forward. It became apparent that I was a mega codependent.

I realized after our time together that Tonia was right in her discernment, and had I just leaped out in faith and did what she said right out of the gate I would be so much further ahead now! She believed in me when I wasn’t believing in myself.

These challenges were evident in my focus on others instead of on myself.

Living the way I was, cost me so much.

I began to make changes, started to take care of myself, and began to set boundaries with the people around me

I began to have hope that I had lost. I began to see myself as she saw me. I began to believe my gut for once and my gut has been correct. I didn’t know who to trust, and Tonia spoke the truth to me and guided me to trust those who are trustworthy.

My favorite part was her speaking loving encouraging words and labeling me beautiful, gorgeous, powerful,….. all the things I want to exhibit in my everyday life.

She has compassion for all, and she is not flamboyant nor out to steal the stage, so to speak. Her family values and love of God shine thru in how she deals with my heart. She is dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, and leads by example. She encouraged me with her words when I was very low and scared. She is respectful of my heart and my wounds and encourages me to be my best.

She is a beautiful soul, and a beautiful woman and mother; and I am now proud to call her my dear friend! I would highly recommend Tonia Lewis!

Owner of Dream Achiever Services, Upstate New York.
Lashon Lowery

Tonia understands that it’s the “total package” that needs coaching. I started to see results with one on one coaching. Previously in group settings, I was able to disguise my procrastination behind others in the groups.

My employees have recognized my new focus as I step into my right to lead with no guilt. You deserve this Girl', rings in my head!

I was suffering from feeling undeserving of my blessings. I found myself unfocused, and in a sort of "cloud". seeking the next chapter.

I was suffering from feeling undeserving of my blessings. I found myself unfocused, and in a sort of “cloud”  seeking the next chapter.

I found it very hard to confront difficult situations when there was a need to correct or use criticism. I would often freeze in regards to taking action, which stunted many goals, and even business. I did not address issues when another person held the obstacle to my success, such as employees, family members, and in my relationships. My motivation and drive, connections to others, and self-esteem were greatly affected.

It clicked when speaking with her, I have not been clear on what I wanted and that denied me the steps of “doing the work”, I am still in coaching. The accountability of knowing I will speak with Tonia weekly impacts me to complete the tasks. I even have a budget, now. Tonia showed me how, and I felt a load lifted.

This is the biggest investment I have ever made in myself.

I see an example of what I want. It seems obtainable to me, now. I envision where I want to be more. Tonia’s message is consistent. I see an example of what I want.

Tonia’s humble demeanor, and also the fact her life shows results, is proof of her work.

You are awesome, and the world awaits your gift. I am honored to have a chance to work with you. Your spirit appears true and pure. What a blessing to be walking in your calling. I bow to a queen. You are an example of sisterhood.

Lashon Lowery
Life Survivor, Entrepreneur, Charlotte NC

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